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Shimmer Studio designs and makes sculptural ceramic lights. The pieces are individually crafted and draw upon a long history of technical innovation used to produce stronger, more refined, ceramics. Each piece is hand-built, in a time-consuming process that yields results that would not be possible using other techniques. The unique bodies draw inspiration from the beauty of the natural world, figurative sculpture and art. Each shape is thoughtfully constructed to exist in a variety of spaces and atmospheres.



Yuxing Zhang, is a Chinese-Canadian artist & designer based in Toronto. Trained as a designer for over a decade in the US, Singapore, China, and Canada had helped her develop a unique perspective infused with diverse cultures and experiences.

She truly relishes the tactile experience of molding the clay with her own hands, the process of shaping clay into the forms she envisions is a source of fulfillment. With each piece she creates, she infuses her passion for color and light, seeking to bring warmth and happiness into every space.

Her works are now represented by Gallery Ma in Toronto. 



Gallery Ma's spring gallery exhibition, showcasing some new collections from Shimmer Studio. 

A ceramic installation exhibition with Gentle Bubble Studio at the Remote Gallery in Toronto. Featuring 6 unique pieces of wall & ceiling installations, the exhibit was a captivating blend of art and design with intricate details and beautiful colors of ceramics.

The first solo exhibition of Yuxing's colorful handmade ceramic lights and objects was a vibrant display of her talent. The exhibition showcased 15 unique pieces that blended traditional methods with modern touches, resulting in beautiful and functional works of art.

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